Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Mini Clips Uploaded To Extras Playlist On YouTube !!!

          Found some old gaming Clips that predate my channel, Spliced, Diced, and Uploaded, Already for Viewing. (MegaMan Legacy Collection, God Of War 3, FFX).

One Non-Gaming Related Video...

McDonald's Toy Gone Wild!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Kirby and Overburdened Finished. What Next?

          Welcome Back!!! haven't updated my blog in a little while, but no fears, I have still been fairly active on YouTube, Twitter, And Facebook. I do have a Twitch account, but have still been feeling way to shy to attempt a live feed. Happy to say I have finished Kirby in extra mode, the link for the long version can be found above, or if you're more interested in the short version, it has also been uploaded onto my YouTube channel.

          Also, I have recently completed my first indie game review on the game Overburdened by Magic Item Tech. Really fun game, glad I managed to beat the entirety of it's normal mode for the review. (I gave it a great game-balance score based on normal mode gameplay, but I have since played other modes and believe that the other modes deserve a lot of re-tweaking). A link to that video can now be found below.

          Right now I'm Still kinda Debating on what my next video should be, I'm either going to try Metroid for the NES, or finally re-shoot some more of my old "Pre-Boot Test Videos" (Possibly Contra with and without code, for two separate videos). Also, don't forget I'm always open to Retrogaming Requests and suggestions.

          Right now my Requests are open to:

Atari, NES, Gameboy, SNES, Gameboy Advanced, Genesis, N64, PS1, PS2, Game Cube, Original Xbox... Or, if you're an indie developer looking for exposure Follow the directions on my "About" section on YouTube and follow directions to submit a game (Will Correspond Via Email after simple directions are followed).

          Feel like Requesting Non-Retro Gaming? That's okay... Right now my options are also open to Xbox360, Ps4, Wii-U, XboxOne. (though my current collection of the Latter 3 are still rather limited, I have plenty of Xbox360 tittles).

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kirby's Dreamland Extra Mode Continuation!!!


          Welcome Back!!! After almost 2 months my channel is finally coming back out of hibernation. Not gonna lie, it has been a tough couple of months. Life Drama, Work Drama, Family Drama, Health Drama, AND I'm still searching for better editing software. I do believe the quality of my content is slowly rising with every new episode, but with it comes much more editing, and with the interest of more creative editing, comes the need for much greater software. Filmora was more than good enough to get me my start, but with the increased editing load has come more painfully obvious glitching here and there. I'm looking into possibly purchasing either Adobe Premiere or the Sony Vegas Suite. I believe Sony's product to be the cheaper product at the moment, but even with it's capabilities it looks like kind of a relic... very reminiscent of editing software I used halfway through highschool, And being a 2001 graduate sets that "Style bar" at about 1999. I really am impressed with Filmora's easy to use interface, but I am really getting tired of jumpiness in video and sound appearing out of thin air after Compiling/Exporting the video.

Any Suggestions???

Friday, January 5, 2018

More Delays

           Sorry again for further delays, both my gaming channel and my boardgame projects have been on hold for a while now. My two daughters, my wife, and myself, have been passing around the same obnoxious cold bug for the last three consecutive weeks. There have been several temporary hospitalizations in the family and extended family, and my full time job has slowly been turning into an "overtime" job due to co-workers calling in ill, calling in with car trouble, and/or quitting. On top of all this drama... the store managers last day will be on the 5th of this month (Post is being made after midnight, that makes it today) not sure just yet as to what kind of effect this will have on the store and it's other employees.

          Not sure exactly sure when my channel will resume, hopefully soon. I will try my best to keep in contact with most of my friends on Facebook and Twitter until then. My presence on social media has been sporadic at best lately, due to the fact that I don't check in, or do updates while working or sleeping, even my blogger page has gone without an update for a while. I'm hoping my family is well soon, I'm hoping things at work will return to normal soon, and I'm hoping to get back to hanging out with my pals online soon. Until then... Happy Gaming!!!

          In my absence from the recording scene please check out these other great channels.

Thanks again for Watching!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wow... Time flies when your getting "Board"

(Talisman Board)

          My Apologies go out to those who may have been waiting patiently for another episode of PlayJak, as I have been steadily becoming more and more distracted by a side project that has been growing at a decent pace over the last month.

          I have found myself working on a prototype for a new board game. (Thus far with no name). I would Upload an image of it, but I think it's too soon, and wouldn't want to inspire any copycats until I have some copyrights. But for now I guess the closest example I can give might be Talisman meets Munchkin (But hopefully running more smoothly and less boringly than a game of talisman, not trying to dis Talisman, I have had some good sessions, but the earlier editions were a mess, and even in newer editions the creation of house rules is often required).

          Hoping to speed the process along, I have already completed over 100 item cards, I have already completed the rough draft of the board, I have Approximately a 1/4 to maybe 1/2 of the monsters completed in a notebook (Not on cards yet), I have many spell cards in mind, and a nice sturdy block of rules already written (4 Pages).

Wish Me Luck !!!