Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Retron77 The Ups And Downs

          Got my Retron77 pre-ordered not knowing just how soon it was going to be released, only waited a couple of weeks (It arrived only days after the Release email), Just in time for an inopportune walkout on third shift causing me take on more shifts. So my recording attempt got delayed a whole week, Thankfully I had a chance last night to hook up all my gear and give it a try!!!... UNFORTUNATELY, My Elgato HD60s has decided it doesn't want to capture the sound from my Retron 77, Sooooo ::sigh:: ... I'll probably be tinkering with that all week again until I hopefully get another chance to try to record again next week. All in all, I'm hoping my Retron 77 Review view is only 2-3 weeks later than I had planned. (As I have told myself many times before, I should just stop scheduling things, because whenever I schedule things FATE TAKE A BIG OLE POO ON MY POOR CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!... ). ::Nervous Giggle::

So, In the Meantime, while I'm busy trying to juggle repairing a Retron77, Re-configuring an Elgato, working too many hours, and trying to keep up with my loving/energetic family... Wish me luck. And as always...

Happy Gaming!!!

My First Minecraft Redstone Video!!!

          Got a video request from my own daughter... Who could resist? My oldest daughter Willow (7) challenged me to produce a Minecraft Redstone Video, and of course... Challenge Accepted!!! Though I am not yet a pro at Minecraft, especially in the redstone department, she assured me that someone out there would probably want to see a few of the things that i have designed. Though I told her I was no expert, swiftly reminded me "Well, Your the expert in this house". Cant say no when your own kid calls you an expert, so I decided to give it a shot.

The New Video Format I Have Been Working On Is Now Complete And In Use!!!

          Been busy designing several new borders to properly divide the varying elements of my videos!!! Adding new borders for each system I play, some are even game specific!!! The ones I like most so far are the ones I'm saving for when I am finally ready to give the old-school Mario a recording attempt, but for now here's a "Style Snippet" Via Diablo/Youtube.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Too long in the mines

          After having played out my newest addiction for so long (Minecraft), it had occurred to me that I was getting terribly sick of seeing Granite, Diorite, and Andesite in their current form, so I spent an entire week trying to remedy their appearance. It is a rather drastic difference. I won't claim it's a professional job by any means, but I believe it looks better than it had.

          If you like them, Feel free to download them and use them any way you wish. On another important note, my daughter left me a request... She wants me to do a Minecraft video. Not sure yet what my angle of approach on the video will be yet as I don't believe myself to be a great designer, and though I do have a basic understanding of how Redstone functions Mumbo Jumbo is most certainly the man to watch for that. I am however, Pretty decent at surviving in Hardcore Modes of various different games. Since I'm am looking for a Temporary thing to do, Hardcore Minecraft might be a good start. Not sure yet how to make my Minecraft Videos stand out uniquely yet, but when I do figure something out I may indeed give recording it a try.

          Any ideas on how to make a hardcore Minecraft series into something unique? If so, Suggestions would sure be appreciated in the comments section below. Thanks again for giving me your time, and as always Happy Gaming!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Been a while

          Very long time since I have updated my gaming blog, been very busy with overnight work, family event, family emergencies and... my newest distraction, MineCraft!!! I know I'm a bit of a latecomer to the Minecraft bandwagon but it's been a pretty wild ride so far. Playing a lot of Survival mode, really love the large biomes setting. Another point of great news is that the Twitter account for my channel recently hit 1.5k followers, prompting me to celebrate (Celebration video as challenged by Twitter, A Capella Karaoke, Frank sinatra "Ring A Ding Ding"). The buzz around the video was enough to boost the Follower count to 1.6k almost instantly (Now hitting 1.7k). More great news! My YouTube recently hit 100 Subscribers and finally qualified for a custom URL @

Feel Like Watching the 1.5k/1.6k Celebration at my home channel?

Thanks again to all of my YouTube Subscribes, Twitter Followers, And Facebook Friends!!!

Have a great day, and as always... Happy Gaming!!!