Monday, April 10, 2017

3 in 1 again!... ID problems again...

          Anyone who has read my previous blog will know that one of my three intro videos triggered a content ID Claim. Upon finishing my three outros last-night/this-morning one of them was also flagged for the same reason. However, I have good news. Having two videos flagged at the same time, by the same music provider led me to a discovery. there is a bit of a fail-safe built into First you must login to the account you used to by the music. Next go to the Content ID link (it'll appear under the link which allows you to view your Licenses after you have logged in). Then you will Copy/Paste the YouTube video URL of the video you are having problems with into the top box you see after clicking the Content ID link. Then Fill out the bottom box by clicking on it, and selecting which song(s) make an appearance in the video. if these instructions are followed correctly, Machinima should hopefully have the problem Shortly. (I finished this procedure sometime this morning and will be checking results shortly). Wish Me Luck!!!