Sunday, April 9, 2017

ID Claim Stress

          Completed three separate intros for future videos yesterday. One for completed games, one for incomplete games, and another shorter version for games that take more than one videos' length to finish. The video for the unbeaten games and the one for continuations are fairly different. while the video for beaten games combines video elements from the other two. The intros have been uploaded on to YouTube For Review/Preview by others as of late last night, but despite having purchased usage rights for the three different songs i chose, one of them triggered the YouTube content ID system. Trying to solve things peacefully at the moment. (Music Purchased for project use through MachinimaSound)

Feel free to preview Preview/Review/Critique those videos Here
*Continuation Intro Here
*Unbeaten Intro Here
*Beaten Intro Here

          Unfortunately, the one that activated the content ID claim is the one for beaten games (Arguably, the most important one of the three). I hope this is resolved soon, because i don't want to wait another 30 full days before being able to Beat/Record additional games. (Had 11 videos prior to having removed several for quality issues (Also Rebooting channel for the ground up so they kinda had to go), but prior to taking them down i did have to fight for the rights to one of my own videos before, I did eventually win, but it was a very obnoxiously stressful 30 day wait for my last "Win". I sure hope this round goes just as well (but hopefully it is resolved much sooner).

I'm pretty sure the re-recording of previous game beats should happen pretty soon, but i probably wont be able to upload them until i know i can use the music that i paid to use.

Wish Me Luck.