Saturday, April 8, 2017


          First Blog Entry!!! Welcome to PlayJak RetroGaming. Still just a fledgling YouTube'r at the moment hoping to grow my very own YouTube channel. I Started posting videos sometime last year but the staffing crisis at the pizza shop left me working far too many hours, continuing family drama only fanned the flames, and the year was begun oh so well with a death in the family (Yes Sarcasm... obviously wasn't happy with that death at all, and as of just days ago there's another family death piled on to the thick of it). SO... Only 400+Views and one badly interrupted start Later, I'm finally ready to Recommit myself to the art.

          Of course the pizza shop (which could never seem to hold a crew for long) was getting to be a bit much for me, so after Over a decade working at that shop, i finally figured it was time to to say goodbye. Next move for the time being is going to be a local gas station, I'm certainly not expecting riches, but i have been told that the likely hood of working more than 5 days a week would be slim... Yippie!!! No more 50-60 hour work weeks (While Salaried a value Only worth 40).

          So... Since the Temporary demise of my YouTube channel, I have occasionally practiced video editing just for fun, and recently I have changed my Tripod and camera setup, and now have access to a decently powerful laptop... I think it may finally be time to give it a fresh start. (Deleting terrible old videos and starting fresh).

          Wish me luck!!! (Hopefully my new job will give me enough time to continue the youtube hobby i have hardly touched in a year).

          Now... Does anyone know how to get a background image on blogger to stretch instead of tile?