Friday, May 26, 2017

Practice, Practice, Prac... Grrr

Still haven't found time to complete a full recording since my gas station job has started, have attempted a few times, but my efforts so far have seemed to fall flat. It seems like all of my practice runs of Castlevania have gone almost perfectly, but once I hit record and start speaking for the camera I start to either fumble my controller inputs or my words, lol. Not Aiming for perfection, but I know I can do better. My audience so far is rather small, but despite this, I appreciate their viewership and only want to record my best efforts for them. I'm not looking for a perfect playthrough, just one that I find acceptable. (Lol again, maybe I should've started with something easier than Castlevania, oh well, I picked hard, So I'm staying hard... Oops, that sounded bad).