Friday, September 1, 2017

Are My Horror Games Haunted

Oh boy, that last playthrough went rather well... until the zombie in the dining room caught me off guard... and the pirate attacked me in a slightly different pattern than usual. Oh well, still beat the game... with only 2 HP remaining. Phew that was exciting, glad that one is over for now though. It seems horror games carry a curse all their own. While recording castlevania for NES I had to keep restarting and replacing bulbs because the bulb over my head kept burning out... Thankfully I didn't have to repeatedly stop alone in the dark for bulb changing... but after I finished recording HALF OF MY OVERHEAD LIGHTS BLEW SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!

Maybe I should play some more Kirby, TMNT, or DuckTales Before I try the next Alone in the dark or Castlevania...