Thursday, September 21, 2017

"Curses" Foiled Again

          For those of you who just flew in from twitter, thanks for clicking the link. (Special thanks to GoldenAgeNerd @goldenagenerd On twitter For being the first to share kind word Via Twitter yesterday, it was a very short exchange, but helpful/Meaningful none-the-less and I must give credit where credit is due, Thank you again G.A.N. ).

          Sorry for the delay on the "Alone In The Dark 2 PC" recording and the "DuckTales Gameboy" re-recording. Last week was far too busy, I have been ill this week, and as of last night one of my family members is now in the hospital. Also... it seems like almost every time I try to record I end up having lighting issues (Light bulbs burning out or blowing up last minute). Hopefully I can put all this bad luck behind myself soon and finally start making some real progress on growing my channel. My brother Steve was admitted into the hospital with an enlarged heart, it is believed that he may have had a heart attack, they are planning to perform exploratory surgery once they believe his heart and kidneys are functioning properly again. 

          In the meantime... though I haven't been well enough, nor happy enough to attempt a recording, fear not, for my tiny little channel is not yet dead. though I haven't pressed that magical little OBS button that lets me bring you shows, I have at least still been practicing the next two games that I plan on Performing for my YouTube channel (And wow... AITD2 is much more difficult than I remember LOL, but I'm hopefully planning on having it well practiced and "Hopefully" finished BEFORE Halloween <Plan, Yes, Promise, No>).

          If your have any simple request for NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, N64, PS1, PS2, Or GameCube Games Feel free to leave then in the comments section below. (I'm definitely in need of good ideas if i am to hopefully "Get the ball rolling again"), and please be patient with the results.

          Also if you'd like to leave some kind words for my brother, please write them below in the comment section as well, I will make sure he's sees them, I promise I will not let your kind words go to waste.

Please. Feel free to share this page with anyone else who may be interested on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you deem appropriate. Thanks Again For Listening/Reading/Watching

                                                                                            -PlayJak (Joshua A. Knable)