Monday, September 11, 2017

Fun Start To Week

          This weekend my little hometown of carver MN had it's yearly parade which I stopped to enjoy with family, My work schedule changed, and I got pulled over for a headlight (Going to courthouse tomorrow to reverse a fix it ticket). and... Couldn't find my current insurance card in the glove box... so gotta prove I am insured before that turns into a ticket too. So... Busy week, but I Promise I will at least still be recording something again soon.

Fun start to my week, lol. (Makes me wish I was allowing myself to cuss during videos to blow off steam, but... My oldest child likes to watch my videos so I prefer to try to keep a somewhat calm demeanor).

          I have always had a great Preference for the horror genre in gaming, but besides being a game I am already well practiced in... I think I need something a little happier than slow moving semi-intelligent green zombie polygons carrying tommy guns in a haunted house filled with dark corners and hidden objects right now, Wish me luck!!!