Friday, November 3, 2017

CastleVania 2 Simon's Quest Complete Hand Drawn Map!!!

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          Took me two full days and a couple of rough drafts, but I'm happy to say that my CastleVania 2: Simon's Quest Walkthrough map is complete. The Map is not Accurate to area sizes, Just position, I did this to preserve proper placement while making sure that all you need to beat the game could be included in just one page. It also contains the locations of all Major items, Sub-weapons, and whips in the walkthrough below, While leaving out the placement of in-game clues to maintain Neatness/Cleanliness of the map (Since the majority of the clues are miss-Translated beyond recognition, I figured they would be an unnecessary add-on). Following the list of locations below, in order, should make the game very easy to beat in 1-2 hours depending on number of deaths and how much time you'd like to spent "Heart-Farming". But obviously, Half the fun in playing Simon's Quest is finding your own path, and learning what items can and cannot be skipped.

Ex. The Diamond, the Thorn-Whip, and the Silver Knife are skippable.

          Also, Changing the order of certain events may change the difficulty and pace.

Ex. If you go to Brahm's Mansion, and Then get the Morning Star It'll make Brahm's Mansion more difficult But save you some time spent back tracking. However, if you are OK with backtracking, you can get the Morning Star first to make Brahm's Mansion Easier.

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