Thursday, November 9, 2017

Simon's Quest Complete!!!

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          It took several weeks of practice, but I finally made it all the way through CastleVania 2: Simon's Quest for the NES. A Game I previously couldn't beat without codes and/or passwords has finally been conquered and I am so glad to be able to share it with my Friends, Family, Twitter Followers and YouTube Viewers!!! Several weeks ago it took me 4 hours for my first Beat, Down to 3 Hours just a few days ago, Finally just yesterday I beat it in two hours (No Item Skipping, No Boundary Breaking, No Shortcuts... Skipping the Thorn whip doesn't count LoL, A. everyone does that B. It isn't an "inventoried" item C. The Next whip only costs 50 more hearts and is located just a "Few" Areas to the right of it). This Video Represents two hours of game time, edited down to Approx 1 hour and 15-20 min. But the trimming was done in a way that allowed the natural flow of the game to remain untouched. A viewer who knows the game well wouldn't get lost or see an instant teleportation far across the map, and someone who is new to the game should be able to follow along with it well enough to use it as a tool to beat the game, Instead of cutting out Monotonous Re-Traversing of Already used terrain, I sped up the footage, Slow enough for the route to be seen, quickly enough to not bore veteran players. The other items that were sped up instead of cut are areas where nothing interesting is happening, and areas used to farm Hearts/XP. (Farming was edited to a higher degree of speed than other spots were).

          If there is enough requests for an Uncut/Unedited version of the video, I may post it on a later date. Also, with enough Likes/Shares/Subscriptions I may be willing to record this again, skipping whatever I want instead of painstakingly leaving no item out, this would probably cut my playtime down to 40-60 min.

          Also, if There are enough requests to do so, I may be willing to Record a much shorter playthrough of the first CastleVania, I already have a long video of NES castlevania 1 showing all the secrets I know in the first playthrough of the game, but i do not yet have one skipping these items to see how fast I can clear it. (I'm not going to call it a speedrun unless it actually looks like one when It is finished 😀).

          In other non-castlevania news, I have recently tried a new game on steam called ONRAID, Seems Pretty fun, and decently fast paced, it kinda feels like a PVP Version of Contra, with Skins, Levels, Skills, and Custom Load Outs to choose from. I Like the robot. I like the Robot WAY TOO MUCH...

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          I almost feel bad when I play it My KD Ratio is usually 16-0 (Sometimes 20-1). I may see that change when the game becomes more popular, but for right now I'm enjoying my wins thoroughly. It is a free game on steam, there is a paid element, which for now can be ignored. I wouldn't call it a Pay-To-Win, More like a Pay-To-Make-The-Lowest-Edge-Of-The-Beginning-Grind-Marginally-Faster-But-To-An-Almost-Negligible-Extent... But that's quite a mouthful so I'll just say what the only minor paid element is. "Raid Boxes" earned in game elements that can be bought just as easily with effort, as it is with cash, so using cash just isn't necessary (Unless this balance changes at a later date). So worth the time, So Much Fun, and I haven't had to spend a single dime on it yet.