Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wow... Time flies when your getting "Board"

(Talisman Board)

          My Apologies go out to those who may have been waiting patiently for another episode of PlayJak, as I have been steadily becoming more and more distracted by a side project that has been growing at a decent pace over the last month.

          I have found myself working on a prototype for a new board game. (Thus far with no name). I would Upload an image of it, but I think it's too soon, and wouldn't want to inspire any copycats until I have some copyrights. But for now I guess the closest example I can give might be Talisman meets Munchkin (But hopefully running more smoothly and less boringly than a game of talisman, not trying to dis Talisman, I have had some good sessions, but the earlier editions were a mess, and even in newer editions the creation of house rules is often required).

          Hoping to speed the process along, I have already completed over 100 item cards, I have already completed the rough draft of the board, I have Approximately a 1/4 to maybe 1/2 of the monsters completed in a notebook (Not on cards yet), I have many spell cards in mind, and a nice sturdy block of rules already written (4 Pages).

Wish Me Luck !!!