Friday, January 5, 2018

More Delays

           Sorry again for further delays, both my gaming channel and my boardgame projects have been on hold for a while now. My two daughters, my wife, and myself, have been passing around the same obnoxious cold bug for the last three consecutive weeks. There have been several temporary hospitalizations in the family and extended family, and my full time job has slowly been turning into an "overtime" job due to co-workers calling in ill, calling in with car trouble, and/or quitting. On top of all this drama... the store managers last day will be on the 5th of this month (Post is being made after midnight, that makes it today) not sure just yet as to what kind of effect this will have on the store and it's other employees.

          Not sure exactly sure when my channel will resume, hopefully soon. I will try my best to keep in contact with most of my friends on Facebook and Twitter until then. My presence on social media has been sporadic at best lately, due to the fact that I don't check in, or do updates while working or sleeping, even my blogger page has gone without an update for a while. I'm hoping my family is well soon, I'm hoping things at work will return to normal soon, and I'm hoping to get back to hanging out with my pals online soon. Until then... Happy Gaming!!!

          In my absence from the recording scene please check out these other great channels.

Thanks again for Watching!!!