Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kirby's Dreamland Extra Mode Continuation!!!


          Welcome Back!!! After almost 2 months my channel is finally coming back out of hibernation. Not gonna lie, it has been a tough couple of months. Life Drama, Work Drama, Family Drama, Health Drama, AND I'm still searching for better editing software. I do believe the quality of my content is slowly rising with every new episode, but with it comes much more editing, and with the interest of more creative editing, comes the need for much greater software. Filmora was more than good enough to get me my start, but with the increased editing load has come more painfully obvious glitching here and there. I'm looking into possibly purchasing either Adobe Premiere or the Sony Vegas Suite. I believe Sony's product to be the cheaper product at the moment, but even with it's capabilities it looks like kind of a relic... very reminiscent of editing software I used halfway through highschool, And being a 2001 graduate sets that "Style bar" at about 1999. I really am impressed with Filmora's easy to use interface, but I am really getting tired of jumpiness in video and sound appearing out of thin air after Compiling/Exporting the video.

Any Suggestions???