Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Been a while

          Very long time since I have updated my gaming blog, been very busy with overnight work, family event, family emergencies and... my newest distraction, MineCraft!!! I know I'm a bit of a latecomer to the Minecraft bandwagon but it's been a pretty wild ride so far. Playing a lot of Survival mode, really love the large biomes setting. Another point of great news is that the Twitter account for my channel recently hit 1.5k followers, prompting me to celebrate (Celebration video as challenged by Twitter, A Capella Karaoke, Frank sinatra "Ring A Ding Ding"). The buzz around the video was enough to boost the Follower count to 1.6k almost instantly (Now hitting 1.7k). More great news! My YouTube recently hit 100 Subscribers and finally qualified for a custom URL @

Feel Like Watching the 1.5k/1.6k Celebration at my home channel?

Thanks again to all of my YouTube Subscribes, Twitter Followers, And Facebook Friends!!!

Have a great day, and as always... Happy Gaming!!!