Friday, June 1, 2018

Too long in the mines

          After having played out my newest addiction for so long (Minecraft), it had occurred to me that I was getting terribly sick of seeing Granite, Diorite, and Andesite in their current form, so I spent an entire week trying to remedy their appearance. It is a rather drastic difference. I won't claim it's a professional job by any means, but I believe it looks better than it had.

          If you like them, Feel free to download them and use them any way you wish. On another important note, my daughter left me a request... She wants me to do a Minecraft video. Not sure yet what my angle of approach on the video will be yet as I don't believe myself to be a great designer, and though I do have a basic understanding of how Redstone functions Mumbo Jumbo is most certainly the man to watch for that. I am however, Pretty decent at surviving in Hardcore Modes of various different games. Since I'm am looking for a Temporary thing to do, Hardcore Minecraft might be a good start. Not sure yet how to make my Minecraft Videos stand out uniquely yet, but when I do figure something out I may indeed give recording it a try.

          Any ideas on how to make a hardcore Minecraft series into something unique? If so, Suggestions would sure be appreciated in the comments section below. Thanks again for giving me your time, and as always Happy Gaming!!!